Sunday, September 20, 2020

Comar, France

 Ryan, Angela and I started our three week "summer vacation" in Colmar, France for four days before heading to Switzerland. Here are some pictures with comments.

We had a really good lunch here of Tunisian food.

According to Ryan and Angela this is a Bev sized door, hmph!


This is where we stayed, very old building on surprising noisy pedestrian street.

  • All for now, Cheers, Bev

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Thann and Eguisheim, France

Christoph knows the Alsace region of France well so he took us on a drive through the area with the destination being Thann. We lunched at Le Caseus which is a smallish restaurant with good food and then wandered through town, as we tend to do. As said before lunchtimes in France and Germany are strictly between 12:00 and 2:00 so lunching on arrival is usually first before exploration. 

Stopped at a family run winery to sample Alsace wines called Nicollet.

Eguisheim is often compared to the German city of Riquewihr which is also a tourist destination for many. Christoph likes Eguisheim better and since it was on the way back to Freiburg we stopped in for a cold drink, as it was a very hot day. Eguisheim continually gets voted the "One of the most beautiful villages in France".

We will stop in Colmar, France for four days before going into Switzerland.

Cheers, Bev

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Baden-Baden - The Famous Spa Town

 Baden-Baden is a (or was) a ritzy town about an hour's drive north of Freiburg. Honestly, it resembles an older era but still viable. The richy rich have moved on, however the casinos and spas are still active although less so of course in the current situation. First off we took the vernacular up to the top of the mountain to watch para-sailors get ready and glide off the mountain. Then a walk through town which is divided by a stream. The town naturally has many fountains and statues.  

Baden-Baden is worth a visit in my opinion, there are many art deco style buildings and the older opulence is still evident.

Cheers, Bev

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Short Day Trips for lunch

Ryan and Angela and I took a couple of short trips into the countryside outside Freiburg for lunch. 

Restaurant Zum Adler in Burkheim, here are some pictures. You may recognize some of the buildings, I've been there before but it is a very pretty village, always worth a revisit. 

A beer garden that has existed for years, here are pictures and the history in the link.

We also went to Baden-Baden, next post, and another day trip with Christoph to Thann, France before leaving for Switzerland.

Cheers, and more to come, Bev

Friday, August 7, 2020

Good Friends and trip to Sélestat France

This is on my balcony, planted by a bird, I'm enjoying it's sunniness!

Ryan and Angela were here in Rieselfeld for two weeks to visit me and tour around these parts. 

Saturday Christoph took us to Sélestat, France, about an hour's drive north of Freiburg. We lunched at a Tunisian restaurant and the owner/waiter had a delightful sense of humour and food was excellent. I asked for a small beer and he gave me one in a shot glass! followed up by the regular small. He had several tricks up his sleeve and joked with us while at the table. Christoph was quite chuffed to have found the restaurant for us to try and so he should be!

Djerba is the name, food was all served in these colourful dishes.

After lunch Christoph got into "tour mode" and we walked all over town as he explained the history. There were two large churches, we could get into one but a funeral was being held in the other so we didn't enter.

What I enjoyed most was the elaborate painting on the exterior of the buildings. 

Here are some pictures showing the French charm.

Storks, nests are big enough for the entire family including Grandparents I think.

Inside the printing press library where a gent donated his entire collection of books in the mmid 1500's, see the link which explains it better.

Inside the church we could get in, St. Georges, with fabulous stained glass windows.

Beautiful door in the church, wonder what it leads to?

Building painting around a shop

Coffee shop we stopped at, very beautiful pastries! Good thing I don't have a sweet tooth.

It was a great day! We all enjoyed hearing Christoph's vast knowledge and stories about Sélestat and on the drive to and fro.

Crossing the Rhine river at the border between Germany and France what was very noticeably absent were the large (mostly Viking) cruise ships, there were none at all and the river looked clean and inviting.

Thanks to Ryan and Angela for the pictures!

Cheers, Bev

P.S. You may be wondering why we are travelling around during the crisis. We are taking every precaution by washing hands at every opportunity, using hand sanitizer or wipes after touching anything and wear our masks unless eating or drinking. You will receive more posts for the time Ryan and Angela were in Freiburg, plus, we are now on a road trip into Switzerland for three weeks. Cheers again, Bev and Lexi cat who is coming with of course.