Sunday, September 30, 2018

Wonderful visit with Ryan and Angela!

Three Amigos

Ryan and Angela, visited me in Freiburg! This post tells you what we did in the week. I will do separate posts on the art exhibition and the brewery tour. Ryan air dropped all his pictures to me and the excellence of both the exhibit and the brewery need their own posts for the pictures alone. 

Sorry it's that underline problem again...

They arrived Monday and stayed in an apartment, floor below mine, very handy. We spent the day catching up, that night their elderly dog Louis had a stroke, and passed away. Angela had been saying, even that day, she didn’t know how much longer he would be with them. R.I.P. Louis. 

Next day we went downtown to hang around the river at the Extrablat, then to Schlappen before they had a dinner engagement. Wednesday we went to Colmar, France for lunch on the canal at le Comptoir de Georges. We saw an otter swimming between the punt boats loaded with tourists. Here are a few pictures of the town.

Beautiful building now home to a Euro store, disappointment...
Then to Neuf-Brisach, France, to a street art exhibition that was closed. So we went back on Thursday after going to Zum Lamm in the Kaiserstuhl for lunch, always good there and they've updated the bathrooms where you will see one of these depending on which room you need to use.
Photo in the women's bathroom
Photo in the men's bathroom
I have seen this artist's work in other places, as post cards and in a hotel. Here is his website scroll down to Facing Tradition for the entire series. I think they are beautiful!

We toured the amazing exhibition in the ramparts of the old walls and tunnels at Neuf-Brisach, covered in separate post.

Friday we drove to the pretty town of Elzach for a craft brewery tour at Löwenbrauerei Elzach, also covered in separate post.

Saturday was sort of catch up day so we lunched here. 

Sunday was lunch at Chada Thai = yummy! We were very lucky to sit under a large umbrella there, it was windy and the horse chestnut trees were pelting us with nuts, here's what they look like As you can imagine, they hurt when they hit!

Monday they left to go back to Sevilla. Great times! Thanks so much for coming to visit Ryan and Angela!!!

Cheers, Bev and Lexi Cat

Monday, September 10, 2018

Herdern Neighbourhood and Lessons Learned

My apologies about the formatting of the last post, missing my editor, efforts to clean it up failed, as it has again... I just viewed older posts which did not have underlining on them and now do. An issue to be resolved obviously but I'd rather get this post out, imperfect as it is. I ask for your patience with Thanks.

Lessons or bureaucracy learned about death of a common-law spouse in Germany. First of all I am not considered a spouse in Germany, the country does not recognize any relationship other than marriage (same sex is okay if married) or an actual birth relation. That has made me a non-entity in filing the paperwork needed for the death certificate. To explain, when we first bought in Germany we had to register with the City and on that form we had to say what marital status we were. There was no box for common-law so Bruce said he was divorced (can’t remember but I likely did too so this will be a problem if I die, lawyer to be engaged here). The City needs his marriage license and divorce decree (not certificate which is only valid for 31 days after the divorce) before issuing the international death certificate. Erwin contacted Bruce’s ex-wife and she has come through for us/me in getting these documents. Here’s the rub, I don’t know how I could have done this alone, I didn’t even know the ex-wife’s surname, she went back to her maiden name. Erwin found her on Facebook. So to shorten this tale of reality, listen up! If you are an ex-pat in a common-law relationship you’d better get your affairs in order! Questions I have, is it the same in Spain? Joint bank accounts and a will naming me as his sole inheritor don’t count. That one check box on the City document caused much hassle, who knew the repercussions of it? 

Living in a different neighbourhood has helped me heal. Who says you can't travel in the same city, especially living in a different area of it. The deal with the shared apartment we have in Rieselfeld is that D & E get the summers, we’ve always left for wonderful experiences in Paris and Vienna and others. This year I need to stay in Freiburg to finish up Bruce’s affairs so Erwin found me a place in Herdern. The apartment is crazy expensive but the neighbourhood is a lovely mix of old buildings and new, all well kept up. 

A bit like the "painted ladies" in San Francisco

Love the door detail.

Lots of mature trees for shade on the sidewalks, needed this summer. A bonus is that I’ve found better services here for pedicures and hair cuts. The flat has a lovely patio on both sides. 

Other end of the patio, Lu, landlord joked that I wouldn't be charged more if the plants died, but I have enjoyed looking after them really.

Tall ceilings so when it was so hot, the building didn’t get too much so, as I controlled the blinds. Right now, a plant is taking over the back balcony at an alarming rate and I have no tools to control it, ach! Attack of the plants! 

Speaking of plants, there is a Botanical Garden a few blocks from this flat, I visited this week. It was very pleasing in layout, all plants were labeled and there were small ponds scattered throughout. 

Many glass buildings as greenhouses but I didn’t go in, too nice a day! 
A lady was photographing something in the pond so I went up too, to find this little greenie. 

Massive trees lined the many pathways. In short it was a delight! 
Unique sculpture

I exited a different way from entering and walked through more of the neighbourhood, almost getting lost, but my internal compass helped me get back. I will miss living in this neighbourhood, I have enjoyed wandering it and seeing the diverse architecture. 

All for now, Cheers Bev and Lexi Cat