Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Waldkirch and Other Nearby Places

We drove to Waldkirch which was historically a major centre for making organs, mostly for fairgrounds, to be played on the street, read about it here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waldkirch 

There is a museum of them but it was closed, we’ll go back because Christoph says it’s worth a look and if you click on the pictures in the article, I think it will be. We had lunch, of course, in a small family run guest house called JägerHäusle and it was really good food, not fancy but good home cooking. We tend to like those places more than the really upscale restaurants in most every city we visit, you'll read about another in a bit.

Walked on to the Baroque style church of St. Margarethen, website http://www.ksew.de/cms/website.php?id=/w/index.htm you will need to do a translate on it. 

Detail of the inset above the entryway.

Inside it is very ornate and has many windows to show the coloured murals in the ceiling. 

Traditional and modern working together, or not, depending on your opinion!

Loved these stools!

From there we could see the Kastelburg Castle built in 1260 shrouded in fog, rather sinister looking, or if you prefer, romantic, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kastelburg Despite the foggy day it was an enjoyable one! 


We took the car share with Christoph to the large department store, which has finally got in stock (a spring purchase), the light for over the dining table. Using the car made the trip easy and less expensive than going by bus or taxi. Firstly we went to lunch, due to the usual timing issue, in Vörstetten at Gasthaus Zur Sonne. The special of blood sausage did not appeal to me but Bruce and Christoph enjoyed. The restaurant had low beamed ceilings and the ceramic covered oven wall kept my back warmer than I really needed but didn't mind. Authentic German style pub which put me in mind of some of the English ones we've been in, different of course, but homey well prepared country style food. 

Being Saturday before a long weekend and a sunny and fall day warmish, market was very crowded, to be expected. I truly wish there was a smell app, they are starting to bring out the mulled wine and apple juice of all kinds is available. I was looking for a favourite stall for a veggie burger and had to navigate around the platz, so many people, dogs on leashes (usually cute) but got a bit confining and I started to feel what I think is a form of claustrophobia. Get me out of this crowd now please!  Sat on a bench to enjoy people watching  and just being out in the lovely day. It is, after all the end of October and to get a day like today we wanted to take full advantage of it. A friend in Madeira Park remarked that every day that is sunny in the fall is a gift, now that has resonated with me since, so true! 

Weather here has alternated between lots of fog and full on sun, as you've probably gathered by this post by now.

We had another cooking “lesson” for Christoph and his son. We made stove top lasagne which brightened the son’s day considerably, he does like, no make that loves, lasagne. Made Canadian style potato salad and coleslaw and stewed tomatoes with vegetables. To eat while they were here Bruce made a feta cheese and mushroom omelet. We’ve never done lasagne on the stove before and it did burn a bit on the bottom but tasted good. Sent them home with all left over vegetables and salads along with one container of lasagne. Christoph will collect much more early next week when his fridge is more empty. They brought us a lovely tart, large enough to share between the four of us a crust, full of cinnamon, not sweet and raspberry jam filling, original recipe from Vienna. As you know I don’t eat sweets but this was lovely! 

That's about it for now folks, sorry not as many pictures this post, will try for more next time. Cheers, Bx2 and Lexi Cat