Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Shopping, shopping – not my favourite activity honestly, unless it’s for food, clothing not so much. Bruce was walking out of his shoes so we went to a brand name store he’s bought from before, ten minutes later and he’s shod. For me it takes a lot longer but I got lucky yesterday for shoes and the day before with trousers. Bought four pair because when I find trousers that fit, unusual, I don’t want to shop any further for some time! We needed these things and decided since it has rained most of this week we might as well get it done.  Not quite as bad as going to the dentist. Okay, I know I’m probably the only female on the planet who doesn’t enjoy clothes shopping.

Went to Zoo Burkart to get food for Lexi, they have great paintings on their large building and live rabbits and mice of all types, fun to watch. I took a picture but it isn't a good one so didn't post.

May 1st in Europe is Labour Day,  a National holiday. April 30th evening is like our Halloween called Walpurgis Night. No evidence of anything happening this year. Last year there were broken eggs and shaving cream all over the ground, all through the neighbourhood, a real mess!

In rural parts of southern Germany, it is part of popular youth culture to play pranks such as tampering with neighbours' gardens, hiding possessions, or spraying graffiti on private property. from Wikipedia 

Our hopeful tour guide came back with an agenda that was good but too vigourous for one day so we needed to work with him some more and now have a day trip planned in France. So funny to me, still, how close the countries are here.

Downtown Saturday May 4th and it is a complete zoo! 

There is a football game going to happen, blue team vs red team, know nothing more than that and don’t care. Roving groups of people wandering and clogging up the trams wearing their team colours especially scarves.

Then there is an election May 25th in Europe so all political parties are out with their umbrellas and balloons to give the kids. You can read about the parties running in it here. Seemed complex to me until reading because there are so many parties. The streets are littered with Party signs tied to the poles showing pictures of the earnest looking party candidates.

Then it was “shop til you drop” day with the stores opening later than usual and they had goodies like champagne and other drinks out for free and snacks. It seemed, and rightly so from a retailer’s point of view, there was a lot happening to bring out the buyers. Good for them, crowded for us but lively, certainly was that!

Another Saturday and there is a humongous protest march downtown which held up the trams from running for about fifteen minutes. I “read” in the paper that it was a protest to be able to continue using mid-wives services. Hmm, since the election is coming I thought it had to do with that, not. Rather fitting since the next day is Mother’s Day.

                                         HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

African Violet really blooming well

 I'm a bit short on pictures this post (and content as well... ) so will add these fellows. Our partners bought them to decorate the coffee table. They come from Barcelona and are reminiscent of Antoni Gaudi's art and architecture there.

Cheers, Bx2 & Lexi Cat

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