Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Funny Christmas Tree and Part One of Visit to Triana

We have always had a Christmas tree, even our host in England put one up for us last year. This year we didn’t have one (not really a Spanish tradition) and I found I missed it. So I got either creative or crazy – eyed our drying rack and it very loosely resembles, well, an "A" shape, very loosely tree shaped. Imagination is needed here folks!

There were fake flowers in a vase and clothes pins, hmmm. This is the result and could win a prize for the ugliest creation but I like it, Bruce likes it, okay maybe he’s being supportive?

Tourists are the only ones who drink Sangria here. Locals have red wine with soda, a lot less sweet, we would call it a spritzer. Now I’ve never understood why anyone would want to mix wine with soda, it’s usually too good on it’s own, the wine that is. But learning again, wine drunk in the summer heat can just make you snooze when there is too much to see and socialize over. Pepe had one and so we ordered one, very nice, refreshing and not as heavy as beer, new convert here.

Ivan picked us up for a tour of Triana we’ve been looking forward to. You can look up Triana on Google, done for you here:,_Seville

It’s located across the river from downtown and so culturally and due to it’s past, people who live there think of themselves as Trianeros first and Sevilla citizens second. Independent pretty much entirely from the rest of Sevilla and they want to stay that way. Former industries included fisheries and ceramic tile artisians. The whole neighbourhood is covered in colourful tile, around doors, above doors, along the bottom half of buildings (to keep the moisture from the river out), bottoms of balconies – in short – tile covers most everything! More on that next post due to many pictures.

Beautiful church spire next to the belene.

Nativity scenes are part of Christmas celebrations and they are not just the cradle scene.

They are called belens (accent over the second e, and means Bethlehem) and include the entire village atmosphere, including the one we saw that had live animals, in cages unfortunately, but practically.

Many children are brought to see them, probably the only chance to see bunny rabbits, turkeys, goats, sheep in the City. 

Speaker to the right does not fit in, but Christmas carols are coming from it.

We tried for a couple of church belens but so far have not been successful, most behind the altar I think and when in Churches I try to respect those there to worship. 

So realistic they include the wash tub and babe's clothes hung to dry!

Went to a Taberna (tapas bar) called Paco Espana and had two selections of superb cheese, one with paprika and the other with Rosemary. They are wrapped in these herbs for a long time and are so very flavourful!

View from Triana to Sevilla downtown.

Next post I'll talk about the Mercado, market of Triana and show some of the wonderful works in tile.

Cheers, Bx2 & Lajandra (Lexi)

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