Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day and First Day of Summer

Happy Father's Day to you that are! Fond memories of mine. First day of summer and it is raining in Freiburg.

Oranges on our tree, can't wait until they ripen!

Down at the Mundenhof we found a baby ostrich. Mom, Dad and baby were penned in probably to keep baby safe. I think it must have been born this week because it was quite small, no long neck yet.

The brown bear that had it’s own enclosure was put to sleep this week. Age was the cause I think but I didn’t agree with him being there in the first place, he always looked lonely to me. People were standing around his enclosure, perhaps saying good bye to him. The Mundenhof was not it’s usual busy Sunday self and I don’t know why. Day was decent enough, muggy as a storm passed by but not on us.

Sushi, sushi, I used to practically live on the stuff but that was in Vancouver where they were as numerous as Starbucks, not so here in Freiburg of course. There is one near the concert house and city theatre, an area with lots of ethnic restaurants due to those venues. What a treat to for me to eat sushi again!

Day trip to Emmendingen in the convertible. We flew down part of the Autobahn, I didn’t look to see how fast we were going but it was fast! There are no speed limits on this major highway, was a change from tootling along country roads for sure. 

Note the bare foot at the back...

Look at the sunglasses on this fellow!

Emmendingen has bachle like Freiburg. We had a simple lunch at the Rathaus (City Hall) cafe called Palio and then went to a wine shop named Dreher.  The young lady spoke English rather haltingly but was able to tell us about the wines and the two vineyards they are grown in. One is below a castle in the area on a slope, the other is flat so they produce different grapes due to the conditions. They planted a new grape variety called Cabernet Mitos, a hearty red and even the plant is red.

Emmendingen has quite a lot of sculpture scattered around the town which is not large but is very pretty. Going from the parking lot into town we walked through a park with a slide down beside the stairs, a trampoline imbedded in the grass, a hobby horse, a children’s haven.

Finally cleared out Bruce’s project from the flat, tools and bits and pieces. Went downtown and bought a bathrobe for me and a suitcase for Bruce. We needed new bags to pack up our linens while we’re away and I honestly couldn’t remember where I bought them before. Went into a department store and as soon as I want down the escalator I remembered this was it. Odd what triggers memory, Editor Bruce will likely comment on this, his area of study.

I had a rhubarb schorle, rhubarb juice and tonic which honestly didn’t taste very much like rhubarb, but wanted to try.

We saw these musicians downtown. The woman is playing a barrel organ. They were very good and seemed to enjoy performing together. 

Old instruments and they sell CD's too.

Freiburg has quite a high quality of street music. There are music schools here and frequently the students practise on street corners.


I was in a line up in the Sparkasse bank downtown the other day and looked around to find a passage going through the bank that I didn't know about. Exploring I found an installation depicting family run businesses that have been in Freiburg for a very long time. They produced a book brochure using black and white photos with parts coloured in. The pictures of various businesses show multi generations of people involved with the business, children to grandparents. It was extremely well done and interesting to me. 

All for now on a rainy Sunday, Cheers, Bx2 and Lexi Cat who is currently stalking a bird from the window of course.

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