Sunday, August 2, 2015

Comic Characters in Vienna

We overlook the Museums Quarter and decided to take a closer look. Three lifts transport us down to the middle of it and it is hopping! 

Look at those spikes on her knees. 

First off we see many, many people in costume with brightly coloured wigs portraying cartoon characters, mostly. They seemed to have professional photographers with them but that didn’t stop the rest of the crowd including me from snapping away. Very colourful and artistic and they brought their persona attitudes with them. Some costumes looked to be professionally done. A sight to see! 

Then there were the two wolves, what a pair of comedians they were, interacting with the crowd. Came over to Bruce and gave him a high five and a hug; knelt on all fours so small children could pat their nose; tickled a fellow’s feet who was lounging on a seat. 

Hams and friends

What a couple of guys!
Note the blue blocks behind, they are seating for about four people, eight if you are good friends. There is a hole in the middle to put an umbrella in and they cover the whole Museum quarter. Handy and extra seating for concert goers or a busy day like it was.

There was also a large rectangular pool where they set up battery operated, radio controlled boats to zoom around, amongst decorated crates depicting drinking bars with Barbie’s attached, yes, somewhat different. Anyone in the crowd was allowed to have a go. 

Barbie and Ken at the bar

The operator brought him in close for the picture - Thank you

A sign on the outside of the pool said “don’t feed the alligators” someone has a sense of humour. Actually the day was cooler than past days and families were out enjoying the weather. Much laughter in the air and the restaurants that line that square were pretty full. This also seemed to be like the Alameda in Sevilla, the alternative lifestyle neighbourhood which would make sense since the venues are called Museums but are geared more to the arts culture. It was a very pleasant day with unexpected viewing of unexpected things, which is, of course, a benefit of travel. 

Double rainbows tonight, a reverse of the main one in colour which I didn’t realize before, picture wasn't great but what a sight, sun shining off the towers and the sky is beautiful!


We've booked part of this winter in Sevilla, will likely stay longer but for booking purposes decided two months would get us going. Our wonderful blogger friends in Sevilla helped us with that booking, you see I found a fabulous looking flat in an area we haven’t been to before. It is devoid of architectural wonders, a working class area for Sevillanos. Thankfully our friends advised that while the neighbourhood was fine, it was quite remote from downtown. Andy and Ali had the same problem when they booked a flat outside and took too long to get to the inner city. So I canned that place, politely of course, and was able to book close to where we’ve lived before, back in the older part of the City. One blogger said she wants to be astounded every time she walks out her door and we agree wholeheartedly. We don’t get that in Freiburg but the flat is new and for a purchase it was a good one. 

More to come, been busy with the camera this last week so have broken up the posts.

Cheers, Bx2 and Lexi Cat

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