Sunday, January 10, 2016

Party, Party, Party, it's a Party!

Pepe took me to the Municipal Hall to get the water contract sorted, closed but they had a satellite office open at the Alameda, lots of walking, talking to the rather dim young lady, copies had to be made, then back to her. Whew, but done except of course she spelled my name wrong as they all do, even when copying from both my NIA (Spanish identity card) and passport where it is spelled correctly. I’m Beberly, Beberley or Burberly here, Spanish have trouble with the "v" it seems. Since these are legal documents to show citizenship and ownership of property I have to insist they get corrected.

Ivan brought us a printer scanner unit we bought but needed a USB cable to install. Got that today and also went to the bank because I wasn’t able to do online banking. So things are getting done but it’s one foot forward, two back before success sometimes.

 We went with Ivan to his friend’s restaurant and ate the best sushi I think I’ve ever had and that says a lot, coming from Vancouver, the sushi capital of Canada I think. We can get take-away from there too which will be good.

 We are having a housewarming party on Saturday so are busy fitting out with food and drink for that. Bruce bought a few more kitchen tools. The hutch we found at the antique shop down the road was delivered, in pieces and re-assembled. It does fit perfectly in the kitchen and adds more storage. 

The hutch, the orchid, vodka, old phone...

The woods of the kitchen and it match so well you’d think they were built together! This is furniture I wouldn’t have considered buying for any other house I’ve owned or rented but it works amazingly well here. My tastes haven’t changed but I’m adapting to the architecture I/we are now in.

Finally remembered that El Cortes Ingles delivers groceries if you spend over a certain amount, what a bonus that was Friday afternoon!

The party happened, we had eleven guests and it was just the right amount. Food turned out well and showed that we made an effort, because, frankly it was! The guests seemed to enjoy it though so well worth it. Bruce made a little welcome and thank you speech, Ivan translated. The parents went home and the rest stayed and partied on. Even still we have a fridge full of left overs and enough wine and beer to last us for a while.

Party people, missing three, Ivan taking pictures, Ben standing next to Ryan and Angela next picture.

A little blurry but here she is," Miss Geisha"

We received a beautiful pink orchid from Pepe’s Mom, bottles of wine and one cool red bottle of vodka. We were pleased with the results and glad to have done it to thank those that have helped us so much! As you can probably tell, we don’t host a party often so having a successful one was a relief. If you are wondering what we did with Lexi while doors and windows were open, we put her in the bed, snuggled under the covers and closed the bedroom door, she stayed quiet and snoozed through the whole affair.


I woke up the next morning to no mess, food stored, bottles and garbage gone! Thank you! A few dishes to do and our cleaner’s day is Sunday so she mopped the floors. Bruce said it’s kind of like Boxing Day, eating the leftovers.


All for now, Cheers, Bev, Bruce and Lexi Cat, still loving those stairs!

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