Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Visit up into the Mountain Range of Sierra Morena

Palm trees at the Museo Plaza

Unless you look up from a side of the plaza you don't see these beauties. To the right and left are very large ficus trees, roots are incredible, picture next blog. There is a blight that affects the palm trees in Sevilla, and sadly, many have had to be cut down. In a nearby plaza El Duque there are many less than last year. Green parrots roost and nest in them and I wonder what happens to them too, their chirping reminds me that we are in the tropics.

We took a drive with Ivan into the Sierra Morena mountain range to a monastery called Santurio de Setefilla in Lora del Rio, it’s in-between the cities of Carmona and Cordoba which could be another day trip or two from Sevilla. On the way we stopped off at his Uncle’s garden nursery called Ri-Garden Lora. He sells everything from sculpture, furniture, plants and oranges and potatoes grown there. We bought a sack of oranges holding about fifteen for two Euro, bargain and so yummy!

We were only able to see the outside of the Sanctuary, caretaker was at lunch but, it was beautiful. 

Tile work over the entry door.

The area around it is dotted with hills that have caves inside and those caves were used by banditos years ago. Behind the sanctuary on another hill were castle ruins, we took the lazy route and didn’t hike up to get a closer look. 

We had lunch at Las Palomes (the doves), a restaurant and Apartment Hotel on the Jose Toran reservoir. Food was great, view fantastic! Go to the website for more history of this area.

Ivan's picture of Jose Toran reservoir

They specialize in wild meats but I had unpeeled, grilled prawns, very messy, but of course they know that, and gave me wash up cloths.

Stopped to take pictures of the Jose Toran reservoir and Ivan warned us to watch our footing, lots of rabbits around that area, didn’t see one but do see them still furry for sale in the food market, awww, I won’t be buying one of those! 

Wound our way down the mountain past hectares of sunflowers spottily in bloom, when in full bloom would be beautiful. We past olive groves, cork trees, pastures with sheep, goats and horses, lovely drive.

Apology, I’ve written this a week after the trip and am sure I’ve forgotten many things about it, well sometimes those things happen… 

On the home front the biggest news is that we received our couch set! Dining table and chairs are on their way, so we are finally getting fitted out, it does take a while. We found this in Germany also, space being a premium, the stores have floor models to give ideas but everything is ordered and is usually on a six to eight week delivery, anticipation anyone or just plain impatience? A little of both for me.

Cheers, Bx2 and Lexi Cat

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