Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Adios Sevilla, Hallo Freiburg

Great going away lunch with our pals Angela, Ryan, Pepe, Ivan and Lola at Manolo Leon in the patio. This is the only place I will order croquettas, fried balls of stuffing, depending what the place specializes in. It was wonderful  to sit and chat with good friends, eat good food and drink good wine, or tinto de verano (red wine with soda). 

L - R Lola, us, Angela, Ryan, Pepe, Ivan

For the second year we get to experience two spring times. Trees are in flower here and flowers are in bloom while in Sevilla the orange blossom is finished. 

We had a “New York” pastrami sandwich on Wednesday from a new food truck at the Rieselfeld market. The Holy Taco Shack has folded it’s tent and gone downtown to have their own restaurant. Geoff had been planning for a while. They were so successful the first day they ran out of food! Hopefully things have settled down now but I need to find out exactly where they are to get my Mexican food fix.

We had a lovely day with Christoph, touring the Kaiserstuhl and having lunch. Totally different from Sevilla, where lunch starts at 2 pm, that's when the kitchens close here in southern Germany. They close to feed their staff and open again around 5 pm.

It was so good to see Christoph again and swap stories of what has happened with him and us, he does not follow the blog so it was all news to him. 

Strange looking stork


Currently he is teaching refugees German so they can integrate easier into this country. It is satisfying work for him and that adds to his quality of life.

He said this Spring has been cold and wet and today is really the first sunny day with warmth. It is Ascension Day, Father’s Day which means something else here, "Guys day" more like it, http://www.thelocal.de/20160504/why-germans-use-holy-ascension-day-to-get-wholly-wasted

Many hikers out today with their walking poles and Gortex pants, we also saw the men toting the wagon with beer, one had a boom box playing music as the young fellows walked though the village as noted in the above link.

Fruit trees are in full bloom and there are magnificent Tulips. 

This is how they store their wood.

The cuckoos are around! I keep thinking I hear someone’s broken clock but it is the actual bird. I have not identified what it looks like yet but now we know the reason there are handmade clocks in the Black Forest with cuckoos in them.

Another successful cooking session with Christoph and his son on Sunday. We made meatball goulash, an omelette and what Christoph declared was not typical German potato salad, that’s okay because they both liked it anyway. 

Cheers, B x 2 and Lexi Cat

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