Thursday, February 9, 2017

Weekend in Jerez de la Frontera - Part 2

Very large and busy market.
Saturday morning we go out to visit a really large fresh food market. The fish hall was huge, crowded and smelly so we walked a bit through it and the rest of the market. 

I don't know what kind of fish these are but there were many.
Breakfast was going to be those churros and chocolate I mentioned in a previous post but they had run out so it was a tostada. Went on a wander through town to the Alcazar which is so very different from the one in Sevilla, (read less ornate, no visible moorish influence) we didn’t go in but walked around the square.

Alcazar Jerez
This large square had a small kid zooming around it in circles on a small motor cycle. Jerez is famous for the following: flamenco, sherry, horse shows and motor cycle racing, the kid was getting an early start on the latter for sure.

We went to a brewery making craft beer, called La Jerezana, the owner was very nice, knowledgeable and passionate about his beer of several different kinds. He explained that his client base is used to drinking light beer from the large breweries here i.e Cruzcampo, because it is refreshing and can be drank in large quantities, especially in the heat, with fairly minimal effects. 

Angela is listening with interest.
Craft beer is different, more a matter of taste and higher quality, also read alcohol content, over quantity so a matter of educating his buyers, it is different with craft style beer. None of us was especially keen on the beers but admired his business sense in a relatively new market for Spain.

Example of architecture, there were quite a few rounded buildings, almost Art Deco.
Had a lunchtime tapa at a bodega that was supposed to sell beer from a brewery Ryan contacted in Sevilla but they’d run out. Here the parents sit their kids down at a table on their own, feed them and have a beer at a different table, keeping a watchful, but remote eye on the kids. Remember the “kids” table at family dinners? Mainly in our house it was a space issue but also allowed the parents to converse together with minimal interruption.

Heard singing and guitar coming out from the market and found these two.
Back to the palace and A & R do some work, we then lounge with drinks and order dinner for delivery, pizza and potatoes with cheese sauce, not as good as the other meals we'd had but hungry people will eat what’s available and we were that!

That was our full day in Jerez de la Frontera, one more post to give you more of Ryan's photos.

Cheers, Bx2 and Lexi Cat

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