Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hello  Friends,

We had a very nice sunny day, the day I last posted, so we checked out the new restaurant that Shalimar was in, still missing it, but Sally’s has a wide menu of many types of cuisine. That usually bothers me, thinking how can they do justice to all the different cuisines with their varied spices and methods of cooking so I played it safe and ordered a chicken salad which was good. May try the buffet next time, costs 6,00 Euros for lunch and my peering in the pots showed a variety of interesting looking food, cheap enough. They were quite busy and surprise, the fellow who used to be at Ciao Bella was there. Menu had some similarities to that one too, names for kids food, of course I’m curious now, did they have a falling out? Did Ciao Bella put in an additional restaurant with different food on offer? Questions I have no answers for yet. They advertise Oriental and Italian cuisine.

Both low energy on a gorgeous sunny day, plans to go to the Mundenhof or downtown to the munstermarkt shelved and we sit in the sun at a cafe. We did cook up a batch of stewed tomatoes, yummy and we are settling in, now to get out and book meets with friends. We meet Christoph tomorrow and go to look for a bike for me. I want three wheeled, foldable and electric to give me that extra bit of push when I need it. 

We’ve just been catching up, cooking and enjoying the sunny weather here in Freiburg, nothing too exciting to write about.

I had lunch with Jeffrey and Adrienne on Tuesday Sept 26 at Edo’s Hummus, a vegetarian restaurant downtown. Very successful one if the clientele were indication, lots of them. It is self serve and the food is great. I was introduced to Jeffrey from blogger Ali Garland and hadn’t met him until today. Adrienne, I met in the Spring and we connected very well. I also met Mary Louise who stopped by on her way to meet her son, she’s an intelligent woman too. I do appreciate being able to make friends this way and Thank you Ali for introducing us. 

Bruce found this on BBC and, as you probably know of me, I keep my political opinions to myself but this fellow’s speech is how I view a near perfect world. The first link is what happened in the US Air Force academy, the second link is Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria’s response in which both Bruce and I really respect and admire the words of his speech, you’ll need to turn on the sound, it’s worth it!

What prompted the speech in the next link

If you choose not to follow the links, the message is to treat people with respect and dignity no matter their gender, colour of skin, or ethnicity. Honestly, I wasn’t raised that way, my parents had prejudices to the couple of ethnic groups that were located around Victoria where we lived. A good friend in my early twenties, a whole lot more worldly than I was, questioned me and great discussions came of it between us. Due to those discussions, sometimes arguments, she opened my mind up to other possibilities and experiences. I do not blame my parents for their somewhat narrow view of those people who lived around them, they both had bad experiences in business with the “rotten apples”, so while I understood, I moved forward to not “paint” those groups and any other with the same brush. My viewpoint now is to look for the good but not be innocent, there are still a lot of bad people out there by whatever influence they have lived through. 

Meet every individual and ask yourself are you a person I would like as a friend or a person I want to avoid… Off the soapbox.

We haven’t been downtown as much as previous times, but decided to meet Christoph on a Saturday for lunch. 
Lovely fall display!
Met him in front of the Munster Cathedral and all wanted to escape to a less busy place soonest, many tour groups were in that day. (fantastic pictures on the website)

St. George and his slain dragon, all gussied up, they have finished restoring the statue.

We went to an Indian food restaurant we hadn’t been to before and frankly won’t again. Setting is nice, in an enclosed outside patio. The food certainly wasn’t bad but we all agreed they had "dumbed or numbed” it down for a typical German palate. What I mean by that, is Germans tend to like simple food, cooked well, without much spice, it’s just the way it’s done here, especially in a smaller town like Freiburg. Our fav Indian restaurant closed here in Rieselfeld as I posted but the sister restaurant is just as good and spicier than the one we went to today, more “Indian” which as I’ve also said can mean different food due to the large country and different areas within. That was not the case here, just not enough spice! Bring on the spice! 

After we went to Schlappen for a drink just to people watch, being Saturday and Oktoberfest there were men in lederhosen and women in dirndls and other traditional costumes. We also saw men wearing a black suit with hat and flared bottom pants, we used to call them bell bottoms (really showing  my age here!) Looking it up and I couldn’t find any reference so asked Christoph. These fellows are learning carpentry and travel all over Germany to do so, they used to walk but now hitchhike or take trains, nomadic carpenters, who knew?

In Paris you are somewhat identified to be a local if you carry a baguette, mostly from a bakery rather than the grocery store, Eric Nicol, Canadian humour author, said a French baguette is flavoured with garlic and armpit. Here in Freiburg you are identified as a local if you carry a Stefan’s box of cheesecake. I’ve mentioned both before but hadn’t connected the two.

Drive through the Kaiserstuhl to Bahlingen and Landgasthof zum Lamm restaurant which is a favourite of ours. Waitresses recognized us and asked after our health. Portions here are even bigger than usual I think and even Christoph couldn’t finish his, all zum mit nehmen (for take home). I had a schnitzel since I hadn’t had one on this trip yet and knew it would be well done here and it was truly delicious. Driving back to Freiburg we went through many small villages, as we do, but Christoph took us through different ones. This afternoon has that photographer’s light about although sorry to say I didn’t take any pictures, it had rained earlier and everything sparkled. I saw a statue of a cat on a fence that looked a bit like Lexi; a hawk sitting on a post, lots of tall sunflowers and flowered window boxes, corn has been harvested but the stalks are there. This is mainly apple and squash season, trees were full of apples and squash of all types lined people’s driveways, both were on many stands for sale to the passerby, same stands that sell the asparagus and strawberries in the spring time. This is October 2nd, German Unification Day, public holiday although nothing too much happens in the way of celebration except we passed by a couple of wine festivals, me passing wine festivals? Say it isn't so, but was.

Dawna and Erwin left us these! So now you can enjoy them as I have.

All for now, Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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