Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter and Semana Santa

Happy Easter to you!!!!!

Easter lunch for us.
We are in the midst of Semana Santa week, third year of us being here for it. Honestly I am feeling sleep deprived and am on the verge of "break up" with the celebrations for next year. Many locals leave Sevilla during this time, it is not due to lack of respect for the enormous efforts, it's the major interruption in their daily lives.

Last year's post with a link to the previous year.

It’s Monday and the absolute craziness of Semana Santa has begun. We have thousands perched on the curbs outside our flat, as before. It’s a jovial crowd, with drinks and snacks, I’m just glad to be a viewer from above it, with a ready bathroom at hand. There are different levels of comfort during this week long celebration, some people have had tiered seats, bought or rented years ago to see the most famous procession. They are still squished in tiers for hours on end but do get to see the largest church and it’s most difficult entry/exit from it. 

Here in our neighbourhood it is a little easier, and the crowds more casual. Judging from todays crowds waiting to see the statues before they are paraded it is a large congregation, we even have a Nazareno in our building and I know who it is although he was in full uniform when I saw him today, pointed hat and robes. 

We were woken at 03:00 by a very loud brass band playing, a friend said they do that when they return from the main church, didn’t remember that before. Music was good but at 03:00 am I’m not as appreciative as I could be.

There are men underneath the paso or float, carrying it.
These are the men, called Costaleros, cushioned hats help with the weight of the paso. 
Top view of the palio, or canopy that covers the top of the statue of the Virgin Mary, sometimes it is covered in rose pedals.
Artsy, fartsy of it on the move.
Today it is Good Friday so we have three more days of celebrations, I think I might have to adopt the custom of siesta!

Happy Easter, hope the Easter bunny was good to you!

Cheers, Bev, Bruce and Lexi Cat, our own Easter bunny of a sort. 

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