Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Visit to Mausa Vauban

Mausa Vauban, Musee D’Art Urbain et de Street Art or in English: Museum of urban street art in Vauban on the site scroll down below the prices to get the best description of the museum which is housed in a UNESCO site. Note: if you follow on facebook you will see all the photos Ryan posted.

First of all the venue is in part of the ramparts and tunnels of the Vauban citadel that  surrounds Neuf-Brisach which is a tourist attraction in itself. There were two long hallways with rooms off each of different sizes, holding different artists works on the walls and floors. There is room for the planned expansion with a number of empty rooms. Artists were not in residence while we were there but there had been one from Brazil there a day prior painting on a deadline which is why the venue was closed. It was opened only in July of this year and an amazing amount of work has been completed! 

Without further ado here are only a few of the pictures we all were taking.

Entry way with one of the proprietors
Vauban himself, he was the planner of the fortifications.
Gives you a glimpse of how large the museum is.
We all liked the colours
Cool dude chicken
Cool dude monkey
Black lighting used. This was a series of rooms all painted portraits.
This was a series of people completely blending into their environment. 
Reminded me of flamenco dancing
Image used on their brochure.
These were cutouts, looked like painted cardboard but stiffer, note the fellow in the middle causing the fleeing...
This gives you some perspective on the average size of the rooms
The exhibition was truly fascinating and in all honesty I likely would not have visited it myself, sure glad we did!

All for now, next up, a brewery tour. Cheers, Bev

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