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Murals and art work on doors in Sevilla

Now, how many times have I mentioned the orange blossoms and waiting for the smell - it's here! Yippee, and how perfumed wonderfully the scent is! Waited for, delayed our trip back to Germany, and was worth it. Wish I had a "smell" program to share with you but will have to make do with this picture.

Blossom is pretty but smell is fantastic!
Found this little tidbit on a wall towards a book store, like it.

Of course, liked the cat.

There are roll-up doors that are sometimes called tambours, horizontal rolling shutters. Think bread box or old style desk that has a door that rolls up. Showing my age here, no one has bread boxes anymore and you can only find that style of desk in an antique shop. 

Here the roll-up doors commonly cover windows or entry to an establishment. Tagging or graffiti is common everywhere in Europe, no less so in Sevilla. To combat that here people have painted murals on the doors. This post is a few, quite a few, pictures of the art work, and it is art work in my opinion. Some not all to my taste but skillfully done. 

So graffiti (means writings in Italian) "artists" will tag anything and everything, not only doors, walls and anything that doesn't move, or does, trains as well. Truly it is everywhere and no one seems to have made a business of removal to date, that I've found anyway. Maybe it's like the dinged vehicles here, people just get used to it and live with it, not noticing anymore. 

People paint the doors so the graffiti artists don't paint on them. There is a code among artists, if the door is painted with a mural, they won't touch it. If blank, it's a canvas to do graffiti on. Makes some sort of sense I suppose.

Enough with the prose and on to the murals with captions...

Example of what you get without a mural.

Art Gallery mural

Side by side 
Looks like Bonnie and Clyde to me, the era anyway

Sometimes they advertise what they have to sell inside
This is the first one I saw on our wanderings of Sevilla
One of three in a row
Many times, if they have three windows, there will be three murals. 

Nice hat Mr. Bird
And Mr. Wolf. Bicycle is not part of the picture,  just parked there.
Best time to get these pictures is Sunday when most establishments are closed. But here are also many parked cars in front so it takes a bit of zooming and perhaps missing a bit of the bottom. There is a movie theatre with three green and black murals about movies. Nicely done but cars were in the way and covered about half the mural, tried but it didn't work well.

Cityscape in a Moorish frame

Not sure what this is of ... but well done.
This is actually a tile work, one of two flanking the entry door.
Tattoo Studio
Second door on Tattoo Studio
More simple design, but well done as well.

My favourite, completely indicative of Sevilla

This picture I thought was from Holland with the windmills and made me wonder why it is in Sevilla, but I just read this article about the Castile-La Mancha area of Spain. The article is about Spain becoming the largest wine producer in the world. and an excerpt from it: "... nestled in the Castile-La Mancha region whose windmills and castles are the setting for Miguel de Cervantes's classic novel "Don Quixote", is typical." 

There you go, a small snapshot of door murals in Sevilla. An artist acquaintance of mine had a sign at the entry of his studio "The word "interesting" cannot be used once you have passed this threshold". Interesting, of course, means you really have no opinion of the artwork, or do, and being polite, don't want to say anything negative about it while in the artist's studio.

Cheers, Bx2 & Lexi Cat

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