Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wandering and finding in Sevilla

Went to the Alemeda again after our neighbour Steve said there was an organic market open. It’s only there once a month on the second Saturday, so as you know, we love markets so going was fun. Busy place, people stocking up, one woman had a baby carriage, no baby, absoutely plum full and she was shoving more stuff in.  We bought a bottle of very good wine, taste tested so we know. Market had lots of fresh vegetables, bread, cheese, honey, olive oil, hand made soaps and many jars of home preserves, both sweet and savoury. All looked wonderful and, as usual, Bruce wanted to buy a bit of everything. I curtailed due to wanting to walk more and not wanting to carry it.

More walking, ran into Steve who was buying empenadas (means the Spanish version of an enclosed pastery with cooked meat and vegetable inside, think samosa Indian, or pastey England) from a fellow who only sells on Saturdays. Yum it was! Several different options of stuffing available before he sells out and does mostly, it cost one euro.  Went to the place we had quail and enjoyed another one each, another yum with the orange infused wine too. We had two quail, two beers, and two glasses (small) of the orange sweet wine for nine euro! Food is so inexpensive here, even in restaurants.

To top off a wonderful day we were walking back through streets unknown to us and found a clothing shop, single proprietor, designs, sews and sells linen clothing. This is not a brand name store, well, she has her own brand, clothing is comfortable, stylish and well made and reasonably priced, read inexpensive, for the quality. I bought a linen shirt, beautiful in a natural colour. She had a sapphire blue one, loved the colour, didn’t care for the shape but ordered one from her and it will be stunning! So great to buy from a person who does quality work and runs her own business. I don’t shop very much for clothing but when I do, this is the type of store I like so well. Here is her website. You can order from her, she speaks German, English and Spanish. As you can probably tell I don’t buy clothing for the brand name blazed on it, although I did wear all the free clothing I used to get in the corporate world.

Longish walk back to the local and they are hosting a birthday party so no room for us. We grab a beer from Alonso and sit in the square. Those orange blossoms are starting to pop, can’t detect the smell yet, still waiting…

Steve and a friend went orange picking yesterday afternoon and he knocked at the door to give us some. Two extremely large bags full, he won’t be able to eat them all if he had oranges for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Two more parades to report on a Friday a lot of school children passed by behind a fellow playing music. Looked like I would imagine the pied piper would. All ages and grouped by such and all in costumes of various sorts. Little girls in wigs and long dresses, little boys dressed like cowboys, one with a toy gun and chaps. They finished in the next square and played music and clapped for a while. Parents were  along the sidelines proudly taking pictures. Found out it is the children’s Carnival. 

Sunday I went to the local square to find a brass and drum band warming up. They were all in uniform of navy blue with brighter blue belts, brass buttons, from teenagers to adults. They marched down the street playing their instruments loudly but very well done. Throughout the day we also saw men in grey uniforms with small flags and instruments, another band but we didn’t hear or see it.

Ivan said Spaniards, especially in Andelusia like to party and I suppose this is all part of it leading to Semana Santa. I’ve looked up Carnival and can’t find anything really.

I walked up to the river and being Sunday nothing was open but did peer into a window of an opulant furniture store. Wow, things in there looked very expensive and certainly not for a pet environment.

Pepe came over after calling him to say the internet was down. I didn’t want to call him on the weekend, not life threatening after all. People upstairs had unplugged it even after Pepe told them not to, perhaps they forgot. Anyway was nice to see him and we had a beer together in the courtyard. Bruce’s eyes were giving him problem so he went in. 
Atrium at flat

Pepe and I talked for a while, went upstairs to view the now empty flat, nice, pretty much same as "ours" but with a dishwasher and a wee bit brighter. Came back down to talk some more then he left to have lunch with his Mom. I came back into the apartment to a yowling cat. Problem was she could see me out the window and hear me but couldn’t get to me. According to Bruce she got herself into quite a state. Anyway she settled after much holding and reassurance. Weird.

At the local, the sidewalk has been torn up by people from a gas company. It has taken up half the outside space with a large hole and corresponding dirt from the hole. Major problem for Amillo Albero since half the outside tables cannot be put up. So many people, like us, like to sit outside so we are hoping they resolve the situation soon, before the weekend when it gets really busy at minimum, it was the next day.

Went to the Post Office and picked up the Canadiana pins. Bruce waited in the courtyard with boxed Lexi for the cleaner who didn’t show.  Did a large shopping since we’re out tomorrow with Ivan all day. Shopped for arm bands and or ribbon, success on both fronts. There is a store with very large amounts of products for making jewellry, hats, complete with feathers and lots of gadgets to attach, very interesting place. Think the beading stores in Canada and multiply. The pins are not like a broach, they are the lapel type so are not so easy to attach. Did find red and white arm bands and gave Alonso one.

Can almost smell the orange blossoms, a whift here and there. 

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