Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Leaving Sevilla, Arriving Freiburg

We had a small send off party the afternoon before leaving. Alonso said his mom was coming in from Huelva to cook Venezualan food so we invited Ivan and Pepe to join us. Unfortunately Alonso's mom got held up and didn't make it. However it was a good excuse to get our amigos together for beers and nosh on good food from the bodega. Ivan came along first, our new friend Joachim joined us, and Ivan was helpful translating because Joachim has no English at all, Bruce can sometimes get what he is saying and respond, not always. Pepe joined us after his appointment so it was a lively table and we had fun.

Ivan helped us ship a box of clothing from the Sevilla post office to Freiburg to lighten our load. Good thing he was there too because it was a bit complicated. Box arrived before we did in Freiburg, gotta love the postal system in Europe! 

Pepe kindly took us to the airport and we flew Sevilla to Madrid, Madrid to Frankfurt with tight connection between flights due to a long walk between gates. Felt like a sardine on the planes, both were full. Overnight in Frankfurt, and train to Freiburg to the hotel we usually use.

Met up with our partners for drinks and dinner, lovely to see them again! Talking in person instead of emails was really great. Don't envy them going back to Ottawa and snow but hopefully they've missed the worst of it.

Now we are settling into our flat, unpacking gradually and enjoying the space. Unpacking feels a bit like Christmas, finding things we had stored away. Good opportunity to downsize again because if we've not needed it while away, do we really need it at all? 

Weather is cooler than Sevilla but sunny. Trees are in full bloom and spring flowers also. Very pretty time of year in Freiburg. As Ivan said, we get to experience two spring times.  

Out the tram window

Out our window

I’m remembering to reply in German instead of Spanish and after three days slipping up less each day.

Lexi Cat is also enjoying the flat and the toys we couldn't take with us.

A hot air balloon has been hovering around the sky in the mornings and I would think it would be a very pretty view from up there. It's an amazing experience I was lucky enough to do a few years back, so quiet!

This week we've got some business things to take care of, like registering with City Hall. I'm catching up on mail, even Christmas cards, nice! and tax notices and bills, not so much. We're then free to enjoy the city, the market and take day trips around Freiburg. 

Cheers, Bx2 and LC

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