Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mostly pictures this post

It’s funny to both of us how diffferent our diet changes as we move country to country. Bruce has twice bought foods to bring back, once anchovies from Portugal, shipped to Canada and not eaten.  Loved there, lost the desire for them back in Canada didn’t even open the packaging. Now from Spain, the Jamon Iberica, not eaten either so far. He lived on these things in the time we were there! But out of physical context has no desire for them. We haven’t bought oranges either although they were a staple in Sevilla.

Have bought food products we are used to having here in Germany. For me, Kartoffel salat, potato salad and they have a new one I like with lots of veggies and a tart dressing at our local shopping mart.  I guess it’s a … actually I don’t know how to describe it. Better to eat local produce where it is generated from? Once away it doesn’t have the same ambiance, not the right word either, so looses taste factor? Although it’s the same as where it was bought from… Puzzled on this one. Will sum it up as “when in Rome”.

We’ve both got colds. Trying not to let it slow us down too much but haven’t made it out of the City yet. We're just walking around and taking in the sites. So, with content a bit light this post, I'll put in more pictures from our wanderings.

Bishop's manse behind the Munster

Lots of detail, looks Moorish to me...
I spent a considerable amount of time hunting up accommodation for August and September in Zurich. The usual sites I use didn’t offer much, but finally found a nice flat (I hope!). It's always a bit risky choosing accommodation for a long stay. Most of the sites I use are on the "up and up" meaning pictures are true to the space and reviews are real people who have actually stayed there.

Yes, it is a store selling spectacles, didn't realize the faces were there until viewing it.

This bear blows bubbles onto the street, it's a toy store of course.

Easter is a large celebration here in Germany. We went downtown and viewed the very colourful Easter market. Some very nice product on offer, much of it was hand crafted.  A form of decoration is brightly coloured eggs tied onto trees or branches.

Like this

Zoo Burkart had the display of chicks for viewing. They are a large pet produce store that carries absolutely everything for any kind of pet, even horses.

I wasn't the only one with my camera out!
This is our third Easter in Germany! First was in Heidelberg and if you’ve been following the blog since the beginning you’ll remember we lived on a hill overlooking and hearing churches and their ringing bells. That took a bit of getting used to and we came to miss it afterward. Here in Rieselfeld we have one church so it’s not as loud. We were in the Munster square yesterday, a Saturday, and the bells there rang for some minutes, nice to hear again.

In the bachle, outside another toy store.  Bachle boats don't usually have duckies on them.
Hand puppet store, sorry, didn't mean to include the lady
I don't edit the photographs I take, only size them. Bruce knows Photoshop well but I've never bothered to learn.

Twice we’ve run into Christoph, a fellow we met last year in Freiburg who teaches English at the local high school.  We had really lost touch with him due to him being ill. So it was great to see him and we’re planning to meet him in Breisach, a short train ride away, next week.

At an Eis Cafe (ice cream) down the street and three boys about 10 -12 years bought themselves cones and then proceeded to pour sugar from the table on top after spilling some they got cups to dunk the ice cream into the sugar. Guess ice cream isn't sweet enough for them! They were all giggly and looking at us laughing at/with them.

That's all for now, been out enjoying the weather, too much, I burnt the top of my head! Stupid thing to do. A hat? Don't like wearing them... but will be walking in the shade this week.

Cheers, Bx2 & Lexi Cat

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