Monday, April 27, 2015

Very Different Types of Spring Fair

I woke up one morning to see this. They hot air balloon a lot around here but usually not this close! It came down in a field next to the Mundenhof and I watched it deflate. I'd forgotten how big they are on the ground, forgotten because I once had a fantastic ride in one!

We went to the Stadtgartnerei Fruhlingsfestes - SpringFest, close to the Mundenhof. It's a three day event, they provide a bus service for. 

Bus stop, decidedly different one than usual.

The show was different this year than the other two years we’ve been. There are more vendors, more food, many from the Munsterplatz. We even bought cheese cake! Bruce got talking to a fellow selling it and decided to. The fellow said they make 4000 cheesecakes a day! Started out as a small business in the Kaiserstuhl and grew from there. They’d make 100, sell out, make 200 sell out, well you get the picture. There is always a line up at their stall at the Munsterplatz.

KaseKucken - cheesecake - yummy!

Another successful foodie story of a company like The Holy Taco Shack who were on TV on a show called "Restaurant Startup" recently, German version of course.

Entry to the Garden Show

This entry to the event is telling people that they sell cords and cords of wood through the garden, they are bundled in different size lots for sale.

We found Stephan, our gardener friend who sold us the citrus trees. Went to look at them with wanting to have them delivered soon. Found the orange but the lemon we couldn’t find. He promised that if they’d lost it, it would be replaced at no charge but they do not seem too organized in storage of owner’s trees. The trees are amongst ones for sale, they do have tags on them with owner’s names but really I think they should be separate. Next year we’ll put a gnome or something in the pot to easily identify ours, well not a gnome, since I’m not a fan, but perhaps a ribbon.

We also bought dried mixed herbs which tasted divine when mixed with water and oil, or cream cheese. Think of Dr. Watkin’s products, that very large franchise that individuals sell from. These products are made in much smaller batches so I would think the ingredients would be fresher and are more tasty.

Ivan sent us pictures of Feria, Sevilla's spring fair, which happened last week.

Written about here "The A-Z of Feria" and some good pictures of it at "A day at the fair". 

We may go next year. There are public tents but to have a hosted experience you need to be invited by a company or family. Ivan’s parents have had a tent for many years. Each tent has a kitchen, many are catered by local restaurants. I won't write any more about it since you can read the links and we haven't experienced it yet.

Back in Freiburg, I opened the carton to find this! Guess they want to indicate the eggs are fresh.


We walked through these fallen pink blossoms that were everywhere on the street, I chose to take the picture of the tree instead.

Three special men I know have had Birthdays this week, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Amazing, one day after another, and you know who you are, so again, Happy Birthday to You!

Cheers, Bx2 and Lexi Cat

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