Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Prado Exhibition and Furnace Installation

This fellow and the next are advertisements for a men's clothing shop

One night we watched a movie with Helen Mirren in it, who I think is a very good actress, it was called The Hundred Foot Journey, I liked it a lot.

Heating installation starts at 08:30 on a Thursday, so far they’ve filled the flat with a compressor, ladders, the units themselves and gone for coffee I think and probably a tostada. Now three fellows are working on it. I can only hope they finish today! More holes are being made in our ceiling… I do hate construction in the house. We’ll move out when they install the elevator for sure. We are very lucky we can put Lexi in the bed and she’s happy there, away from open doors and people. 

Cat burrito

They take less than an hour to have lunch, unusual, and come back to finish. They work well together and joke together, but not at the expense of the job. We now have heat, nine hours later, quite a big job!

Met up with Paula and Paul, a couple that we were email introduced to by bloggers Ali and Andy, now living in Berlin, used to live in Freiburg. Paula and Paul have arrived in Sevilla and, not having been here before, gleaned some local knowledge from us. We enjoyed their company on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The art market was closed due to the rain so they’ll come back another Sunday to see it with us. Since I don’t really “do” social media, which is how many people meet others in a city, it is nice to meet people through others.

Went up to the Setas (Metropol Parasol) that giant wooden structure downtown I’ve mentioned before. Had a nice sushi lunch and were able for the first time in days to comfortably sit outside. Lots of dogs walked or cavorted through. Walked through the food market which I think is larger now than last year, do not buy celery in this market it looks like it’s been towed behind a car! Other veggies looked good though, there are a couple of bakeries, few fish and meat stalls. As always, love markets! But this time we had making chicken stock/soup in mind and didn’t see all the needed ingredients so we ended back at El Cortes.

Black Friday happens here too, I think it has almost gone world wide, and it lasts all week. There are many more than usual shoppers out, discounts are high, which makes me think I should stock up on wine now for Christmas.

Our modus operandi has been crushed a bit, lots of rain this last week and it’s not pleasant to sit outside, rather we’ve been home more than usual. Dash through the rain drops to shop for food and that’s about it, boring! But I have read the Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast have had almost two full months of rain so I shouldn’t complain! That’s why I decided to cook, at least do something more creative. I hope the smells are driving our neighbours crazy, as theirs do to us.

I did stock up on wine, saved a bunch of Euros but they failed to deliver two bottles. So after a careful count, again, and again, I phoned. Next day they called back and indeed, they found them and will deliver today, decent service really.
Bruce gets a massage once a week for an hour so because I think it best to  leave and therefore not make any noise I usually do. 

Painted rolling door on a shop depicting the next picture

The real thing, Museo De Bellas Artes
There is an exhibit on at the Museo De Bellas Artes which is half a block from our place, you’ve heard me talk of it before, same plaza the Sunday art show is in. It is a collection of paintings and art objects from the museum Prado. I love the banners they have advertising it, never been to the Prado in Madrid so went to this exhibit. 

Love the lacy detail! See the second page of the brochure (second link) for better detail.
Entrance is free for EU citizens, took my Irish passport, but even so, entrance is cheap at 1.50 Euro.
I really enjoyed it! The painted detail of the costumes is fantastic and the exhibit is called “The Objects Speak” so it focuses on dress and surroundings. As for the time, many are portrait paintings of people who could afford to commission one so they are “dressed to the nines”, not a good representative of the common people I think, but certainly lovely costumes.

All for now, Cheers, Bx2 & Burrito Lexi

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