Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Lunch Party, Elevator and Picnic

These fellows were at the local next door to us, discovered after I heard the music and singing. You just never know what you'll see on a street in Sevilla and that's just great!

Another rainy Sunday, no art market so we meet Paula and Paul at the Antiquarium, Roman ruins, under Las Setas, Metropol Parasol, but first coffee and a tostada, of course.

Cloudy view from the Metropol Parasol 

Ryan and Angela meet us there and everyone gets to talking, having just met, and not really paying attention to the ruins so we leave and meet Ivan at the place we had breakfast.
Carved piece of ruin, can you see the smiling face in it?

Decisions, decisions, where to have lunch with seven people, Ryan and Angela take over since they probably know more restaurants than the local Sevilliano Ivan does. Ivan lives in a lovely neighbourhood a bit outside the city. We end up at Catalina.  We get to sit under an awning, very much needed due to continual down pouring of rain and enjoy a rather unique meal of good food, everyone’s dish was rated top notch and our waitress was engaging and funny. With the good company and stellar food it was a wonderful afternoon.

Big, good news!!!!! We received our permit from City Hall to install the elevator in the flat. When will it happen? Not sure yet, this first week of December and there are two holidays in it, Tuesday is Constitution Day, Thursday is Immaculate Conception Day, then Christmas in twenty days. Work will take about ten days so I honestly doubt this will happen before the holidays. Update, bad news: It will take a lot longer, as much as a month! So our choices are to move out for the entire month or live with people coming in and out to do their work, ugh!

Sunny day, shops not open due to Constitution Day, so I packed a picnic of egg salad sandwiches and Schweppes lemonade and we had a picnic in the Museo Plaza.

Jugglers in the plaza, or should I say attempted...
Shawn and Peter walked by so stopped to talk for a minute, they were on their way to a newly opened bar in Triana, for research, of course, 

There were some artists out, they’ve lost the last two Sundays, after all, with the rain.

So that's been our week, dodging raindrops and enjoying the sunshine when it finally appeared.

Cheers, Bx2 and Lexi Cat

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