Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year 2019!


I’m happy to report Christmas lunch was a success! Ryan and Angela, Pepe and his friend from Barcelona Carine came. I served salmon, mango salad, mashed potatoes, asparagus and Angela did stir fried snow peas. Carine brought chocolates and Pepe’s mom gave Ryan a bottle of  Crema Turron, like Bailey’s but (we all agreed) better. Pepe brought a German Riesling wine. 

Carine met Pepe at an Airbnb conference in San Francisco, they stayed in touch and she has come to visit on her travels around Spain. To fund those travels she is a marionettist, (yes I had to look it up) she has the puppets on strings dancing to music and generally doing funny things. 
It is actually hard work, but she has fun.
She also made the puppets herself and named them Wolfie and Pablina. So, of course, we had to go see her perform on the Alameda. That park is currently stuffed with Christmas stalls and rides for children so it’s a perfect location for Carine to be at. It was great to meet her!
Waving at you!
Happy New Year to you my friends! Bev and Lexi Cat

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