Sunday, December 16, 2018

Tax and a Meet Up

The Murillo exhibition is back! Many new paintings to see.
The line up goes around the museum, sunny Sunday and a long weekend.
The pictures in this post do not really have much to do with the text, just a little heads up. 
Never know what you'll see on the streets here.
I was downtown in the shopping district the other day. Obviously the season is in full swing with all the Christmas goodies and lights out. There were roving groups of school children, accompanied by nuns, little girls with red bows in their hair and singing as they walked along. Other groups of children were carrying balloons, given by the banks I think. They take up the entire sidewalk and I had to dodge balloons which are at head height for me, not to get bonked in the head with one. Found an environment type store where the merchandise was different, mini-sewing machine, gel filled socks, anyway, different.
The long roots of the ficus tree are wrapped this year, even Pepe doesn't know why.
Good and bad day, Pepe found out about the tax I owe on the elevator installation and gave me a bill to be paid at any bank in two days to receive the approximate 20 Euros discount. They charged me close to 400 Euros, a tax I did not know about and neither did Ivan or Pepe. I went to my bank here and they would not process it, Juan, my contact there said go to any other bank. So I go to Santander, wait half an hour, find out they need cash only, (what?! this is a bank) wait another half an hour, the clerk takes my money and is processing it until he discovers he cannot process it because I am a non-resident, resident. The bank directs me to the office of the tax people but by then it is 2:00 when it closes, I saw the doors close. Now it will have to be tomorrow, Friday, when businesses don’t really want to do business. Pepe helped, we went to the City tax office and then to the bank and finally got it paid. We found out that the City actually has my identification number incorrect as well as the spelling of my name (well that part is typical).

After that, I was hungry, 2:00 and all I’d had is my usual yogurt for breakfast so I stopped in at a Japanese food restaurant and ordered. While waiting I spotted the familiar hair, walk and face of Alonso crossing the square, I ran after him yelling Alonso, Alonso, but he had his ear buds in and it took a bit for him to get that someone was calling to him. When he did, great hugs, and me crying after telling him about Bruce. He gave me his phone number and place he is working so I, with Ryan and Angela, will visit him. So good to see the man again, it’s been over two years now. Here is Alonso, met in February 2014

So that was the good and bad, more good I would say, finding a lovely fellow I’ve missed. He speaks only Spanish but we’ve always got along so well. 

Ryan and Angela came over for lunch on a Saturday, they brought everything, yummy chili, cheese, sour cream etc. It was good to hang with them for an afternoon after their busy season.
Sunset from Freiburg...
All for now, Bev and Lexi Cat who shares the large dining room chair with me most days, hip to hip.

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