Monday, December 3, 2018

Lexi and I in Sevilla

We arrived in Sevilla almost a month ago now, so why haven't I written sooner? No excuses, just haven't been taking pictures and pictures are important, or the spice in a blog. 
Lexi says Hola! from her bird watching post.

I took the inner city bus and, by chance, met a couple from close to Austin, Texas, Jeanne, Victor and their dog Mutti. They are doing the full time, slow travel thing and debating about whether to become expats. We had some lunches together and they showed me how to use the bus system here, I'd only figured out the inner city one. 

Then I had a party! Well why not? There were eight of us, all the usual suspects (Pepe, Angela, Ryan, Ivan) Victor, Jeanne and a lady named Stephanie who was renting one of Pepe's flats. I wonder what she thought of my food, she's a food editor, yikes! 
Pepe, Jeanne, me, Victor
Typical Sevilla bar, crowded, cozy and family owned, Pepe's favourite for breakfast.

You've read about the controversial "lipstick" tower, it's actual name is either Cajasol or Pelli Tower (Pelli was the architect). The area around the tower has a newly opened arcade type mall, you know how I feel about malls, but because this one has outside corridors it felt spacey and bright. Here's the website so you can see for yourself. I wonder if people from downtown will bother to come to it, but there is lots of parking so I think it will draw people from the outlying areas of Sevilla.
Street Christmas lights, installed at 03:00, lit December 1st

Almost the same day Jeanne and Victor left, Paula and Paul arrived! Here's a post with a picture of them They have also been travelling, you can read about their travels here They are thrilled to be back in Sevilla! I'm thrilled to see them.

Pepe found me a plumber, taps were leaking, and it was definitely time to get that sorted, we don't need a flood! The same day as his appointment Rocio was coming to clean and the power went out! This side of the block has an ongoing  problem no one seems to be able to fix. Well if you look at the wiring hanging outside most of the buildings in this city you'd wonder why it doesn't happen more often. Reason is the walls of buildings are very thick here and many are heritage so wiring resides outside. Both the plumber and Rocio worked without the power which came on about an hour later.
It isn't a good picture but it is a bride and groom, just never know what you'll see here.

Honestly it had been hard to be here without Bruce. I have been telling acquaintances gradually and finally went to the art market in the plaza yesterday.
This is the wine tower in the Radisson at the Zurich airport, that's a lot of wine!
All for now friends, Bev and Lexi

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